Can children be a problem in a new relationship?

Dear Parship,
I’ve been on Parship for a week or so and am chatting to a couple of nice ladies. I was wondering a couple of things. Firstly there is one lady who lives in Oxford, with me in Bath this seems like a long distance. Would you say it’s worth pursuing?

Secondly, I have a son of 15 from my first relationship who lives away from me. Do you think this is a potential problem to people? I do mention him as being very important to me, which he is, but should I tone it down a bit to seem more available?


Dear Tony,
Firstly I don’t think that having a son is a major problem -clearly it will put some people off because some people are very inflexible about what they’re looking for but most people will not mind especially since he’s fairly grown up. Nor do I think you need to tone down your comments about how important he is to you, most people would rather date a good father than a bad father!

The issue about distance is a very personal one. I would always advise in favour of pursuing things because if people like each other enough, that sort of distance becomes immaterial. But it’s up to you.

Best Wishes, your Parship-Team

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